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Arturo's Journal

Arturo Plateado
OOC info
Name: Sei (seiyonashi)
About Arturo
Name: Arturo Plateado
Age: 17 (in appearance, really several centuries old)
Birthday: ????
House: Rouge
Year: 6
Background: Arturo wasn't an artificial arrancar, he removed his mask by himself. He has the ability to disguise himself in the forms of others, but doesn't use this power often. 2000 years ago, he attacked Soul Society, but was sealed under the Sokyoku Hill by the Soul Reapers. When Ichigo rescued Rukia, the Sokyoku was destroyed, breaking the seal and freeing Arturo. He has been wandering around for quite some time now... Well, after leaving Soul Society, Arturo found somewhere to go to think about what he would do next. He spent a lot of time considering his options and the humans of the world. If any of them were strong, he could use them, if the need should arise.

As he wandered, Arturo gathered information on people and realised that they went to a thing called school. He assumed that if he went there, he could get more useful information and strengthen his powers in his spare time. He continued wandering for quite some time, before setting eyes on a place called Meillure Academy.

It seemed out of the ordinary. There was something about it that interested him - something very curious. Although, as far as he could tell, they were human, there was something very... special about them. Determined to find out what it was, Arturo set off to this new place to see if he couldn't find a way in...
Power(s): Arturo can hover (fly isn't exactly the correct term) with the wings of energy on his back. These are usually hidden, however. He can also use a blade of black energy as a weapon, and has the ability to fire a beam in cases where he is in great danger. Most of his powers are energy related.

Coming at some point. xD;
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